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Borna Group Limited was originally founded in 2018, by a small start-up team, in London. Our goal was to digitalise administration to simplify running education-centred businesses, like, Kumon franchises and after school groups. The Software Information Management Systems (SIMS) erodes the need for physical copies of data and allows for information to be digitised and stored securely online, saving you both time, storage space and money. We have specialised one specific program to suit Kumon franchises best and digitised almost all working administrative components including: worksheet and test completion monitor, student progress tracker, inventory and outstanding payments owed. We have also created new sections such as: a parents area so guardians can track their childs development.

Since its initial creation, the need for programs like ours have drastically increased with the spread of Coronavirus and need for greater sustainability. Through digitising your data we have minimised the need for unnecessary contact between staff and children’s guardians and reduced administrative paper waste. Our leading cost effective Software Information Management Systems (SIMS) has made work life easier for our customers and we hope our Eco and coronavirus-friendly perks will make life easier for you too.


Our company was born from a team of two people who had: drive, ambition and passion to create a successful business. Having seen a digital administrative gap in the market we designed a software for institutions and schools which they can trust and rely on. Our software digitises student progression reports as well as attendance records simplifying the company administration and making it readily accessible.

To ensure success, we have selected team members with: experience, knowledge and passion for high-quality software implementation. With this impulsion and motivation the team continues to grow and strengthen, with aims of further expansion in the future and going forward. Our professional sales experts are available to help with your institution and school needs.


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Some of the benefits of using our Kumon focused system:

  • User-friendly and simple
  • Get a quick overview of outstanding debt
  • Send reminders for the outstanding debts
  • Reduce physical paperwork and admin
  • Staff, student and visitor attendance records
  • Effective way to analyse and monitor Student progress
  • Efficient way to track inventory
  • Test completion monitor and logs
  • Ability to record all achievement test results
  • Record all workbook results - when taken, time taken and grades obtained (completed by parents or staff)
  • Flexible report creation
  • Student progress and attendance tracking for authorised guardians/parents
  • Sign In/ Sign Out for staffs-payroll and students
  • Parents section
  • Unlimited support

Borna Group Ltd has taken extensive steps to ensure that our business is GDPR compliant. All Policy for is administered by Borna Group Limited and after viewing them; if you have any questions you can contact our Data Protection

Our company is aware that organisations who process personal data of people in the EU need to be compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - hence we are committed to ensuring our business is GDPR-compliant. Data privacy is a human right, and in this data-driven world data protection is something that all companies should be paying close attention to. As well as ensuring GDPR compliance, Borna Group Ltd already has in place extensive data security measures that meet industry standards. You can view our Privacy and GDPR policy online.

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  • Powerful tools

    • Parent Pay reporting - display detail of account payments and automatically inform parents if their payment has not been settled
    • Recording, logging and monitoring worksheet (homework) start and finish times as well as grades.
    • Staff and authorised guardians/parents have login access to the software suite to view authorised data
    • Create time based reports on performance of the childreen
    • Authorised guardians/parents have access to the reporting tool to view the progress of their childreen
    • Stronger parent involvement, engagement and communication
    • Share childreen profiles, level, grades with authorised gardian/parents to update child progress reports and assessments
    • Give access to Authorised guardian/parents to view their own childreen reports and progress
    • Share information and notifications to individuals or authorised whole groups
    • Records, logs and monitors booklet start and finish times as well as grades
    • Activity feed to update parents and staff on the duration and grade of completed booklets
    • Enables parents to report days off without needing to phone

  • Inventory Managenment System

    Our inventory management feature enables you to seamlessly manage all your inventory needs in one place, saving you time and boosting productivity by:

    • Recording your stock
    • Keeping track of booklets given to children
    • Creating different types of inventory reports
    • Giving Authorized guardians/parents to view the booklets that they have been given
    • Getting alerts when a particular stock is low
    • Giving you an insight of future stocks to order

  • Monitoring Student Progress

    It is very important to keep good records of your students’ grades. This is a valuable tool to inform you about student progress and the appropriate challenge and support required in order to promote better learning. Our management system will facilitate a valuable platform to self-evaluate your work in relation to student performance. This in turn will aid your productivity and efficiency. Different types of reports can be generated and shared with parents.

  • Payments

    Every end of month our reconciling accounts options will detail the account balances for each active student and if in arrears, the parents can be notified by emails.

    Staff wages can be calculated on the logged worked hours.

Career Opportunity

We are always on the lookout for enthusiatic candidates to join our team, Interns, Sales Associates and Software Engineers.

The successful Sales Associate candidate is expected to generate maximum market exposure for our products, events and services while working within our sales area and team.

With your experience in sales and marketing you will identify potential clients, make sales and provide after sale service when and where required. You will be responsible for actively building relationships with clients, while acting as an ambassador for Borna Group at all times.

You will need strong communication skills to build on your expanding portfolio of clients and establish new contacts with key outlets, brand partners and within the business domain.

To be successful, you must have experience in sales and marketing, good people and communication skills and IT knowledge.

For the Software Engineer role; working with the IT development team, responsible for maintaining the existing sites, ensuring high-performance availability, designing and implementing new features and functionality, establishing and guiding the website's architecture.

  • Team & Project Management experience
  • Experience communicating with stakeholers, extracting user requirements and converting to technical specifications
  • Good understanding of Front End and Server Side technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajaxs, PHP, SQL, jQuery
  • Experience building responsive interfaces for websites and/or web applications
  • Ability to convert comprehensive layout and wireframes into working HTML page
  • Experience hosting in AWS would also be a plus

Current Available Position:

Sales and Marketing Intern / Grad
Software Engineer
Sales Associate

If you have the talent, we would like to hear from you.

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